Chad Milliken Memorial Fund

While Chad Milliken was battling a brain tumor, when asked if he
needed anything, Chad always responded back with “more time”. That was the birth of our
idea, that we could provide families with the financial assistance to be able to spend time and
support those that are battling a brain tumor. Having gone through firsthand, the supporting of
and ultimately losing of, a beloved member of our family to a brain tumor, we understand the
daily challenges that arise during this difficult time. The support system around the patient
during this time is equally as important as the medical care they receive. Everyone’s lot in life
is different, many will not have the financial flexibility or stability to be able to take time off
work, or even pay for medical care. It is our hope and desire through our fund to ease this
burden to allow these patients and their families some peace of mind and the ability to spend
time where it really matters: On the fight, and with the fighter.

We are currently accepting applications for individuals who are battling a brain tumor diagnose and are in need of financial support. Please click the link below and email your completed application to  [email protected]






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